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AEM Trust took command in the year 2020 with a motive aware and help people with the best of the things available for them. We are aimed to help people with the best of services, awareness programmes and necessities; useful for them to live up life with ease. Any issue that may need light and also is benificial for the society, we are all set to bring it out and move ahead towards the betterment of people.

AEM Trust is visioned to kich start Humanity and reach a whole new level of the world; equal to all.


• Work on issues that will embrace the society and the people. A few of which include child education, women empowerment, poverty, hunger etc.
• Create timely awareness programmes for people unknown of their rights and policies.
• Provide basic necessities to the ones in need.
• Encourage less of child labour and more of child care and education.
• Organise time to time food distribution campaigns.
• Create governemnt policy awareness that are useful and fruitful to the society.
• Help in initiatives taken by the government which are for the betterment of people.

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